Artificial Intelligence: The Future Of Construction Tech’s Next Frontier

We can’t deny the fact that AI has been providing remarkable benefits in the construction industry for the past few years– especially in productivity, efficiency, and safety.

As the construction industry tries to resolve the labor shortage, as well as the decline happening in productivity, it’s also been doing an excellent job filling in the gaps. That said, allow us to discuss what made artificial intelligence the future of construction tech’s frontier.

What Is AI?

Just like any other construction technologies, such as PPE wearables, IoT, smart waterfilled barriers, bright safety vests, and many more, AI is one of the few useful construction technologies that’s slowly changing how the construction industry operates.

However, for those who are not entirely familiar to what AI is, the best way explain this would be through the amount of information that a human mind can process. This is somewhat very limited, but artificial intelligence, on the other hand, can capture vast amounts of data which would then be analyzed for trends and patterns. Basically, it’s a kind of technology that utilizes the power of machines to copy the intelligence of humans, but in a more complex level.

How Could It Help the Construction Industry?

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, the adoption of technology in the construction industry is beginning to happen. Despite that it’s still a slow process, for now, the excellent news is that the adoption is having a positive impact.

With the help of cloud-based applications, as well as mobile devices, the amount of data captured continues to grow exponentially in the past decade. As this continues to grow, the value of this information also improves regarding analysis, trend, and deciding for the overall project.

As for artificial intelligence, it’s a tool that has been helping with providing hidden insights into data that’s impossible for humans to process. For that reason, the activities that used to affect the efficiency in the construction negatively are being resolved by AI, which ensures overall productivity, quality, safety, and scheduling.

It Is Happening Now

If we’re going to have a closer view of AI in the most straightforward level possible, we could still see how genuinely beneficial it can be when it comes to solving problems as well as performing tasks with utmost speed and accuracy.

For example, field reporting software is being developed to help foremen enter job site activity or issues accurately– this can be done manually or using voice-to-text. Through this, systems would be able to configure to provide alerts as well as notifications on specific keywords.

If a foreman says “safety” or “delay” this could trigger an alarm which would inform the safety managers or project managers regarding the issue. These alerts ensure the safety on the job site, which means accidents can be prevented.

A.I And The Future Of The Construction Industry

As we think of AI, the first thing that comes to mind would be robots and other images that are part of a sci-fi movie. However, artificial intelligence is more than that, and it’s not part of a distant future anymore. It has been affecting our lives positively, especially in the construction industry.