Some of the Best Digital Marketing Tools for Understanding Your Customers

For any business owner and entrepreneur, establishing and maintaining a good relationship with the customer is paramount. Internet marketing agency Virginia Beach emphasizes the importance of understanding consumer behavior and learning more about their preferences by closely monitoring their buying activities. By doing so, businesses comprehend and identify the triggers that make a person turn into a potential consumer. But as complicated as it sounds, it is effortless to practice. Thanks to all the readily available digital marketing tools over the internet, businesses can create an everlasting consumer relationship and have the edge over the competition.

Here are some of the best know internet marketing solution available for entrepreneurs on the internet.

Google Analytics

Of all the online marketing tools, Google Analytics is the best one. It is a powerhouse of analytical tools that are used to monitor traffics and leads coming to a business’s website. It also tracks the performance of web pages and monitors website activities. The tool provides an accessible insight into the consumers’ behavior by registering how they communicate and interact with the brands. It is an apt tool to find out the section of the website page that is booming and what content works best to create brand connect and attract new visitors. With answers to these questions, a marketer can learn about the likes and preferences of the customers and devise ads that cater to the needs of the consumers.

Besides this, Google Analytics also helps in finding out for how long a visitor stays in the website page, where are they geographically located.  Through this tool, a business can learn so much about its consumers at no cost.

Google Trends

The best way to comprehend what a consumer need is by tracking what he searches for on the search engine sites. What people type on Google is what people are looking for. The Google Trends tool does just that. It lets business owners and digital marketers identify terms and phrases used by consumers to look for things they want. Thus, it helps businesses recognize potential consumers and target ads to those specific audiences.


Additionally, through the Google Trends tool, one can figure out popular search queries and track the changes of its popularity. For example, if your target audience searches for your products or services more during a particular season, you can prepare and plan for the season. Furthermore, with Google Trends, businesses can review related searches and topics which can be tactically used to expand the business.

Sales force

As per a survey that was done by HubSpot, over 40 percent of sales associates and sales executives use Microsoft Excel or Outlook, to store leads and data. This in return makes the data disorganized and vulnerable to getting lost. Here, with a cloud-enabled data storage system like Salesforce, marketers, and salespersons can store and maintain customer data at one place. The platform also lets one keep a note of all the interactions that have happened with the customer and even allows one to send emails.